S'Well PR was conceived by two communications professionals who are passionate about wellness. For 20+ Years, they have been helping health oriented brands grow - before the word "wellness" was even in our vocabulary.


    Storytellers by nature and spa junkies by happenstance, S'Well helps brands position themselves in an ever-growing marketplace where everyone wants a piece of the healthy pie.


    The world is experiencing a health revolution. Consumers are taking charge of their well-being through technology, travel and innovative ideas that haven't reached the marketplace yet.

    The $4.5 trillion global wellness economy signals this is more than a trend.

    It's a mind shift. 


    Through creative communications and public relations, S'Well works with brands

    who wish to make this world

    So Well. 


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    In Good Hands

    The Founders of S'Well Public Relations Have Worked with these Leaders in Wellness:


    Public Relations

    Want to join the Wellness Revolution?

    Let us help you create and tell your story.

    How people consume information is changing.

    Your approach to publicity must adapt.  




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